March 15, 2016

How It Works


profile Create An Account

Creating an account with Samply is easy! Begin by simply clicking the “Log In / Register” button in the top right corner then click the “Register” button below the log in fields. Enter your personal information and an account will automatically be created for you. From then on when you come back to Samply you will be taken directly to your profile page where you can manage all of your previous sample requests or submit a new one. Once you have an account it’s time to customize it by adding a picture. This can all be done through your personal dashboard located in the top right corner of the screen.

submit Submit Your Sample Requests

Submitting a sample request through Samply is simple. Just click the “Submit Request” button on your personal dashboard or the homepage and complete the required information. Your request will automatically be sent the email address that you enter in the first field. You can submit as many sample requests as you want and our platform organizes them for you by project. You can also keep track of if you have received the sample, what samples were selected for each project and gives you the ability to resubmit a sample request if you need another piece.

benefits Enjoy the Benefits

Congratulations! You now have an account and are submitting your sample requests through our platform. In addition to better management of your sample requests, Samply members also enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Receive quarterly reports indicating trends in your industry
  • Earn CEU credits for providing your industry insight
  • Earn a Samply badge to add to your LinkedIn profile (coming soon)

It is free to use Samply as much as you like, in fact we want you to use Samply for all of your sample requests. Not only does Samply help you keep track of and manage all of your requests, but every request you send through the platform provides insight into current design trends and how the industry will evolve in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact us at, we would love to hear from you!